We're always looking for great people to join our team.
Take a look at our job postings below and if you see something you like, please get in touch.




3-5 shifts per week. Good grasp on classic cocktails and a great grasp on hospitality. You bring the life to the party.

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or in person between 2pm and 5pm



The successful applicant is a strong leader with a passion for hospitality and a desire to work and learn with the best; they are hard working, energetic and detail oriented. Minimum 2 years experience as a manager.

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or in person between 2pm and 5pm


5 shifts per week with open availability. The successful applicant will have a minimum of 3 years serving experience with appropriate wine and food knowledge.

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or in person between 2pm and 5pm



5 shifts per week on a flexible schedule. The restaurant will prove to be a great training ground for those looking to move up in the trade. Restaurant experience not necessary but desired. The successful candidate will be quick thinking, have a positive attitude, a driven sensibility and a yen for learning from some of the best in town.

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or in person between 2pm and 5pm



Coquille is always on the look out career minded individuals.

We are looking to fill the following roles:

Jr. Sous Chef
Chef De Partie
Demi Chef De Partie
Prep Cooks

Opportunity to be part of a talented driven kitchen team. 
A commitment to excellence and learning is a must. 
Attitude over experience.

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or in person between 2pm and 4pm.